What is Fuelizer?

Fuelizer is a website where you can track your gas mileage and compare it to that of your friends. Whether you like a little competition or just want a great way to keep tabs on how much gas you burn, Fuelizer's the place to be.

Why would I sign up with Fuelizer?

Ever wondered how much you spend on gas? Ever feel like that last tank didn't last as long as it should have? Fuelizer can help you track your gas mileage and visualize decreases or increases. Armed with this data, you can try out different styles of driving and save money or predict an upcoming repair to your vehicle.

Is Fuelizer easy to use?

Fuelizer makes it dead simple to track your gas mileage. Entering a fill up is as easy as submitting 3 pieces of data. And what do you get in return? We do the math and supply you with easy to digest information and visualizations.

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

So you've decided to take the plunge? Go ahead, click that button!

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